Recent News

Program Update:  Based on Governor Baker’s latest update, our program is unable to provide services to our participants onsite until at least May 18th. 

However, recent guidance from the Commonwealth of MA, Department of Public Health and Long Term Services and Support allows our program the opportunity to provide telehealth support and case management oversight to our participants while we await a return to normal operations.  Our Program Directors, RNs, LPNs, Activity Directors are now available to assist our participant with this modified Adult Day Health initiative.

It is our objective to be available via a telehealth model to assist and support our participants, families and caregivers until the COVID19 crisis resolves. Our staff will be calling all our participants, families and caregivers regularly. Over the next few weeks, we will be able to modify our operations to respond accordingly and safely. We will provide updates when details become available.

I am confident that Accord ADH and its staff will be ready when clearance is given, and I am proud that our staff will actively participate to assisting our participants and their families/caregivers during this difficult crisis. I believe that this is a positive first step to our ultimate objective and I am proud that Accord ADH, can provide this opportunity and this support to our participants, family, caregivers and staff.   

Also, it is our expectations that we adhere to the most recent COVID19 Workplace Polices standards designed to mitigate/safeguard health, safety and privacy risk. We value our staff and we are committed to following all the CDCs and State guidelines. So, visitors will not be allowed inside our locations.

We look forward to speaking with you and to providing additional support soon!  Stay safe and Stay Healthy!!

We will see you soon. Good luck.

Joseph Rizzo, CEO/Owner